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What It Costs to See an NHL Game in Canada

Although tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs remain absurdly expensive, how the rest of Canada's NHL teams stack up might surprise you.

Racist Blackhawks Fans

During the NHL's "Hockey is for Everyone" campaign, Chicago Blackhawks fans came up with a new way to slur black forward Devante Smith-Pelly, and were banned from future games.
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Why I Think the NHL Should Have Nothing to Do with Kid Rock.

The National Hockey League has asked Kid Rock to play at this weekend's All-Star Game in Florida. VICE Sports contributor Dave Lozo tells us why the NHL is making a big mistake.
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What the Vegas Golden Knights Could Do to Your NHL Team

The Las Vegas Golden Knights are about to become the 31st team in the NHL. The impending expansion draft could scoop up valuable players from teams across the league.
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Fighting in Hockey

VICE Sports explains why fighting is an established tradition in the NHL and how it has become increasingly more controversial.
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We Smoked Darts with 'Dart Guy'

Jason Maslakow aka Dart Guy became an overnight meme sensation when he was spotted at a Leafs game with full face paint and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.
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Drop The Gloves: Canada's Toughest Hockey League

The LNAH is being pressured to follow the NHL’s lead and finally crack down on fighting. VICE followed the Laval Prédateurs during the playoffs, a team struggling to deliver the fights their fans pay to see, while trying to step up their game.
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March 10 - Inside The Netherlands' Surprisingly Restrictive Medical Marijuana System

Plus, we talk to astronaut Julie Payette about the impact of humanity on the planet, and we talk about the future of diversity in the NHL.
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A Weekend With P.K. Subban

VICE Meets Montreal Canadiens superstar P.K. Subban.