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Quarantine & Chill

Two Strangers Go On a Date During Lockdown

A VICE show about how people are dating and falling in love in the middle of a quarantine.
Daily VICE

I Tried Facebook’s Dating App So You Don’t Have To

Facebook is launching a new dating app and it's being piloted in Canada. After using the app for a week, Ebony-Renee Baker has some feedback for Mark Zuckerberg.

Trump Dating

A new site is hoping to Make America Date Again...well, a very specific segment of America, at least.
Daily VICE

Online Dating as a Trans Woman

Ianna Book's art piece "Ok Lucid" explores the challenges and prejudices she has experienced as a trans woman in the online dating world.
A Day With

How One Matchmaker Changed Online Dating for Women Everywhere

We talk with Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe about leaving Tinder to make a feminist dating app and how the dynamics of modern dating are changing.
Daily VICE

The New Speed Dating Craze is Smelling Your Suitors' Armpits

In a world of often disappointing dating apps, VICE's Bupé  Bhima explores the pheromonal world of armpit-sniffing speed dating.
Broadly Specials

Meet the Real People Behind Your Virtual Boyfriend

We talk to the founders of the company, a woman who works as an Invisible Girlfriend, and a sex therapist about the pros and cons of faking a relationship.
The Creators Project

ReForm | Data Becomes Art in Immersive Visualizations

A look at the role artists play in conveying data and impacting cultural shifts.