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Babies For Sale

In the black market of the Philippines, women living below the poverty line who cannot afford to raise a child are making the difficult decision to sell their babies.
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Why the Philippines Has the Fastest Rising HIV Rate in Asia | Politics of Sex

HIV is spreading faster in the Philippines than anywhere in the world. VICE World News speaks to individuals affected by this rising epidemic.
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Watch Trump's 12-day, 5-country Asia tour in 90 seconds

President Trump boarded Air Force One Tuesday, capping off his 12-day Asia trip, which he himself described as "a very fruitful trip for us and, also, in all fairness, for a lot of other nations."
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A Night at a Cockfighting Derby in the Philippines: Bloodsport, Part 2

Raf Katigbak goes to his first cockfighting derby and as hundreds of people yell their bets across the arena, we find out how handlers prepare the birds for a fight that may be their last.
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The 5-month battle against pro-ISIS militants in Marawi is over

After months of fighting, Marawi City has been left in ruins.
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Philippines Special Forces Are on The Hunt for ISIS Militants

Isobel Yeung reports on the intensifying battle between ISIS-linked militants and Philippines armed forces in Marawi.
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ISIS-linked militants left $5M worth of meth in Philippines

This latest discovery indicates that ISIS-linked militants in the Philippines might have drug ties

Trump Congratulates Duterte

Trump congratulates Filipino President Duterte for murdering people struggling with drug addiction.
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Best of 2016: Cockfighting in the Philippines

Best of 2016: A Night at a Cockfighting Derby in the Philippines: Bloodsport
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Crystal Meth and Cartels in the Philippines: The Shabu Trap

VICE News takes a look at the Philippines drug trade.
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Bloodsport: Inside the World of Cockfighting in the Philippines (Part 1)

VICE's Raf Katigbak goes to a farm outside Manila where his father raises fighting cocks to find out why people love watching two birds battle to the death
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Fighting for Peace in the Philippines: VICE News Interviews Nur Misuari

VICE News meets MNLF founder Nur Misuari to discuss the future of his rebel group and politics in the Philippines.