Pet Play

Karley explores animal role play to find out: what is so sexy about being a pet?
The Cutest Job in the World

The Baby Rhino Keeper

Rhinos aren't traditionally cute, they don't have fluff or big round eyes, BUT this baby is adorable. Watch him prance around with his big feet and waggly ears. This zoo keeper certainly has the cutest job ever.
The Cutest Job in the World

The Fluffy Rabbit Wrangler

VICE might have found the world's cutest collection of rabbits. Sally May owns 20 Angora Rabbits, each with their own mischievous personality. Not only do they look cute and fluffy, but you can use their fluff to make into cute knitted things.
The Cutest Job in the World

The Chow Chow Puppy Handler

Chow Chow's usually bear two to six puppies at a time, but Liz just broke the record with her doggie giving birth to eleven puppies! And what could be more adorable than these little roly-poly bundles of cuteness!
The Cutest Job in the World

The Baby Goat Farmer

Baby Goats are the cuddliest animals in the world. These little wonders have tiny hoofs, beautiful soft fur and make the sweetest sound ever created by an animal.
The Cutest Job in the World

The Serval Kitten Therapist

Serval Kittens are like regular kittens, but cuter because of their super disproportionate bodies. Little tiny heads and massive ears, quite simply adorable.
The Cutest Job in the World

The Pygmy Hippo Keeper

Just like most kids, Mendez the baby pygmy hippo loves to play in the pool, and frankly, it's adorable.
The Cutest Job in the World

The Cutest Job in the World: The Miniature Piggy Trainer

Ever tried rubbing baby oil on a mini pig? Watch pig’s jump over hurdles and put their snouts in the air in this episode of the cutest show in the world.