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Using BDSM to Cope With Trauma

VICE meets Rebecca and Steph, a couple who uses BDSM to process their individual traumatic experiences and heal from their painful past.
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Millennials Are Getting Hypnotized Over Skype to Deal with Anxiety

Andrea Young is a hypnotherapist who helps millennials deal with anxiety and burnout through “virtual hypnosis.” We tried it and spoke with her about why people are getting hypnotized over Skype.
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We Went to a VR Lab To Confront Our Phobias

The cyberpsychology lab at the Université du Québec en Outaouais is pushing the boundaries of treatments for trauma and phobias with immersive virtual reality.
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Clinical Cannabis Treatment for Trauma

From WEEDIQUETTE's "Chronic Trauma" episode: Krishna accompanies JohnboyCOOL to learn about medicinally treating his trauma with cannabis.
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Johnboy’s Story: On His Childhood in Compton

Johnboy explains the trauma he has had to live with since his childhood in Compton.
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Treating Ukrainian Veterans' PTSD With Service Dogs

VICE News meets Hero’s Companion, an organization providing service dogs to treat Ukrainian soldiers’ PTSD.
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The Fight For Trauma Care on Chicago's South Side

VICE News went to Chicago's South Side to investigate the consequences of the city's trauma care desert.
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Shell-Shocked: Ukraine's Trauma

VICE News travels to Ukraine to investigate the war’s impact on soldiers and civilians, and to see how volunteer groups are stepping up to help.
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Shellshocked: Ukraine's Trauma (Trailer)

Coming Soon: VICE News investigates the traumatic aftermath of the war in Ukraine.