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Easy Pickings: Damian Abraham's Guide to Legalization in Canada

The worst best weed animation ever. Follow a computer generated version of VICE host Damian Abraham as he navigates a trippy animated world and learns what it means to have the government be your drug dealer ahead of legalization in Canada.
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Police Data Reveals Stark Racial Disparities in Weed Arrests in Canada

With cannabis legalization coming into effect in just a few months, it doesn’t seem like the Liberals intend on pardoning the records of those who have been convicted of simple weed possession
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Trudeau On How His Brother's Pot Charge Disappeared

Malik Scott was charged with cannabis possession and fears it will result in a criminal record. He asked Trudeau what would he say to someone in his position, given that if his bill goes forward, cannabis will be legalized in a year.
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QC Bud: The Black Market's Last Stand

With cannabis legalization around the corner, the “green rush” is already starting in Quebec.
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What the People Pushing for Legalization Think of Canada's Vision for a National Weed Regime

VICES Manisha Krishnan tells us what the people pushing for legal weed think of the task force's report.
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#Elbowgate: The Backstory Behind Trudeau's Parliament Altercation

Justin Trudeau's infamous incident where he elbowed a NDP MP in the chest in parliament has gone viral.
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First Look at Justin Trudeau's Visit to Shoal Lake 40

Justin Trudeau comes to an isolated Indigenous community amid a nationwide outcry over suicides and living conditions on reserves.
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We Look Into Canada's Plan to Legalize Euthanasia

The Trudeau government lays out new details on how physician-assisted death will be regulated.
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March 11 - Trudeau And Obama Rekindle Cross-Border Bromance in Washington

Then, we hang out with Alex Andreopolous, the Blue Jays bullpen catcher and all round multi-tasker at spring training, and meet Joey Muha.

Stephen Harper Alternate Universe Campaign Ad

Nick DenBoer is a visual graphics artist remixes the most visible campaign ads of the Canadian Election.