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Inside the Sex Archive of a 200-Year-Old University

There is one type of collection that you may not have thought would make it into academia, pornography. We visited the Sexual Representation Collection at the University of Toronto to find out why it is important to save porn. The collection is administer
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Police Data Reveals Stark Racial Disparities in Weed Arrests in Canada

With cannabis legalization coming into effect in just a few months, it doesn’t seem like the Liberals intend on pardoning the records of those who have been convicted of simple weed possession
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We Met Some of the Students at Canada's First Black Graduation

The University of Toronto hosted what's believed to be the first black graduation celebration in Canada this week. We asked some of the grads what it means to them.
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The Mystery That Unites the World's Icicles

Motherboard's Kate Lunau spoke to the University of Toronto scientists who have discovered a mystery that unites icicles around the globe.
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We Take GZA To Look Through a Telescope For the First Time

We went to the University of Toronto’s Astronomy and Astrophysics department with GZA
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Report: A Canadian Company Is Helping Drop a 'Curtain' of Censorship Over the Internet in Bahrain

A new report from digital security researchers at the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab says Netsweeper is censoring the entire internet and blocking free expression in Bahrain.We went to the Citizen Lab's headquarters to meet the group's director.
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What Scientists Learnt From Watching Stingrays Eat Insects

Researchers at University of Toronto have been the first to observe freshwater stingrays chewing, enabling them to eat insects as well as plant life.