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Robotic Pets Are Helping Dementia Patients

VICE News goes and finds out what that looks like.
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This Teenager Is Fighting Climate Change by Suing the Government

Trailer for "Climate Changer"
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I was a teenage terrorist

VICE News meets up with him after his release, and follows him to his first public appearance as a so-called “former.”
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Meek Mill, Black Coffee and Marshmello: Here’s what Davido is currently obsessed with

For this episode, we tapped Davido, an Atlanta-born and Nigeria-raised artist known for churning out Afrobeat hits with a global appeal like “Skelewu” and “If”.

How To Make Shrimp and Grits with Meyhem Lauren

Meyhem is never finished with shrimp, and the people know it, so one person sought him out and made this shrimp and grits recipe for him in Florida.
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What Venezuelan Expats think about the country's political crisis

Venezuelans who left the country appear split on how Guaidó should use his role as interim president — and whether he should support U.S. involvement in the conflict.
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Two Generations of Black Activists Discuss the Past and Future of Social Justice

Black activists from the past and now sit down and have a conversation.
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Blackness in Quebec - Identity?

During Black History Month, VICE delved into the question of “Afro-Quebecois” identity and racism in a province where linguistic and minority rights have long been polarizing issues.
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The Origins of Deepfakes, Explained

VICE Guide To Right Now's Lee explains the origins of deep fakes, what they have to do with porn, and how they could drastically change our understanding of the truth.
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Watch a bee-theft detective bust a hive heist

We embed with a bee detective tracking down a hive theft
Going Green With...

Going Green: Cannabis Mashed Potatoes and Scrambled Eggs

Mikhail Goes Green with scrambled eggs and bhaang-ed up mashed potatoes.

How To Make Hand Ripped Noodles with Xi'an Famous Foods

The founders and owners of Xi'an came by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to finally show everyone how their hand ripped noodles are done.

How To Make the Best Tuna Sandwich with Samin Nostrat of Salt Fat Acid Heat

Samin Nosrat—author of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and host of the new Netflix show of the same name—stopped by the MUNCHIES Test Kitchen to show us how to make the best tuna sandwich ever.
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We asked what people really think of the 2019 Women’s March

This is what you told us about this year's Women's March
Todos Los Tacos

Searching for the Best Carnitas in Mexico

Francisco Gómez is back on his quest to discover everything there is to know about tacos in Mexico. On this episode, he's exploring Quiroga in Michoacán, the carnitas capital of the world.
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How the humble robotic arm took over the world

How the humble robotic arm took over the world
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Melanie Turner | "Living Luxuriously for Less"

Turner on her YouTube channel "Living Luxuriously for Less"
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Jenny Chan | “Origami Tree”

Women told us what its like to be YouTube-famous and still have a day job
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Cristine Rotenberg | “Simply Nailogical”

Women told us what its like to be YouTube-famous and still have a day job
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Why therapists aren’t worried robots will come for their jobs

We asked therapists to evaluate the AI incarnation of their jobs: chatbots
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I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors

VICE's Taji Ameen heads to New Jersey to get inked by a tattoo artist who has a one-star review average online.

How to Make Turducken Dim Sims with Raph Rashid

Melbourne Food Truck king Raph Rashid talks us through his twist on the Australian classic, dim sims. Using three meats; turkey, chicken and duck, he whips up 'turducken dimmies'.
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16 People Trump has called a “cookie”

16 People Trump has called a “cookie”
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I Adopted a WerePup and Brought It to Times Square

VICE’s Taji Ameen took his half-puppy, half-werewolf on a jaunt through New York City in a baby carrier, which went over surprisingly well.