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VR Porn

Karley meets innovators in the world of VR Porn and becomes a porn avatar.

Lights Camera Action

2 Chainz & Jesse Williams explore the past and future of Hollywood.
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Living With Jaguars is an interactive virtual reality film documenting wild jaguars in Brazil. Part documentary and part immersive game, Living With Jaguars explores historical and current tensions in a rural region where jaguars prey on ranchers' cattle
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Therapists are using VR headsets to cure phobias

They aim to cure phobias and addictions by creating immersive experiences designed to expose a patient to "safe space" situations that normally cause anxiety in the real world.
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We Became the Monster in this Post-Apocalyptic VR Game

We Became the Monster in this Post-Apocalyptic VR Game
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Inmates are using VR for a chance to get out of prison

VICE News visited a Colorado prison as longtime inmates used virtual reality for the first time.
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We Went to a VR Lab To Confront Our Phobias

The cyberpsychology lab at the Université du Québec en Outaouais is pushing the boundaries of treatments for trauma and phobias with immersive virtual reality.
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We Controlled a Bomb Disposal Robot with VR

Toronto's Taiga Robotics virtual reality interface allows operators to use human gestures that increase the dexterity and sensitivity of robots for everything from bomb disposal to space exploration.
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Elevate the Everyday: the shared dream of virtual reality

Occupied VR invite us behind the scenes of their surreal and visionary take on a driving simulation.
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We Went to the First Virtual Reality Arcade in Vancouver

We went to test out some cutting edge VR

#waypoint72 Game 60 - Rez Infinite

To celebrate the launch of Waypoint, VICE's new gaming website, we decided to do a massive, 72 hour long livestream over Halloween weekend.
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SuperHyperCube: The Retro-Futurist VR Game 7 Years in the Making

Waypoint meets with experimental gaming collective Kokoromi to discuss the 7-year making of their retro-futurist puzzle game for Playstation's VR platform.
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Ron Funches Talks Comedy at His Private VR Dance Party

We recently brought Ron Funches to the offices of Occupied VR to try out a virtual reality dance party and talk about keeping his comedy evergreen and the influence of producer Bill Lawrence.
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Thea Baumann on Augmented Reality Nail Art and Game Hacking | Visionaries, Episode 3

In this episode of Visionaries, we meet the creator of glam-tech company Metaverse Makeovers, whose products include augmented reality nail art.

Using Virtual Reality to Buy Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate

For Motherboard's Luxury Week, we went to Manhattan to see how VR companies are attempting to change the way wealthy home-buyers purchase multi-million-dollar properties.
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Stepping into the Screen: The Boundaries of the VR Frontier

Now that the dream of consumer-grade VR is here, game makers are finding that reality is complicated.
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Werner Herzog Explains the Internet to Us

VICE's Ben Makuch sits down with the legendary German filmmaker to discuss his new documentary, 'Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World.'
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Meet the Vodou Priestess Summoning Healing Spirits in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Broadly travels to Haiti in search of healing with Manbo Katy, a Vodou priestess who summons the spirits to help heal her community after the 2010 earthquake.
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Meet the Real People Behind Your Virtual Boyfriend

We talk to the founders of the company, a woman who works as an Invisible Girlfriend, and a sex therapist about the pros and cons of faking a relationship.
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Avatar Sex: Scanning Pornstars Into Virtual Reality

Toronto based Virtual Reality company Holodexxx is creating a new interactive style of pornography by creating realistic avatars based on VR scans of real actors.
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How to Eat a Virtual Cookie

Simon Klose meets up with a Japanese researcher who shows us how to use virtual reality to make a cookie taste like five different things.

Using Virtual Reality to Treat PTSD

Our latest doc is about clinic in Los Angeles that uses virtual reality simulations to treat war veterans with PTSD.