10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

10 Questions with a Bolivian Witch

Oscar Arteaga is a brujo (witch) based in La Paz, Bolivia. Revered for his knowledge in black magic.
10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

Dying Without Regrets According to a Death Doula

VICE asks a Death Doula your morbid questions and what we can do to prepare for death and loss.
VICE Asia Pacific / web

Why This Former K-Pop Singer Left Fame Behind To Become a Monk

The K-Pop industry has a dark side, one that Lee Kyung-Mi – now Monk Bohyun – knows all too well. From performing pop songs on stage to singing Buddhist prayer songs on YouTube.
10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

We Asked a NYC Pigeon Man, Why?

After tragedy derailed Larry's life, he hitchhiked to New York City, finding a new family in an unsuspecting group- the "disgusting" pigeons of Washington Square Park.
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The Designer Making Luxury a Ritual in LA

No matter the luxury you’re creating, it always has a choice of remaining integral. In this custom episode of Local Legends in collaboration with Acura, we’ll introduce luxury-wear designer Brenda Equihua and her Mexican heritage that inspired it.
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The Vin Diesel of Thailand

There is a man in Chiang Rai, Thailand who has dedicated his life to becoming Vin Diesel. A local celebrity much beloved of the community, he clocks off his job in IT to get fast and furious on the streets of his hometown.
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The Man Who Flies with Birds

Christian Moullec (aka the Birdman) is so passionate about birds that he even managed to learn a new migratory path for geese by flying with them in a microlight.
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Kim Ji-hun trained with 30 other trainees for what would later become the biggest K-pop band in the world, BTS. However, life had other plans for Ji-hun. This is his story of being on the brink of fame and then losing it all.
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Meet Florida’s Python Cowboy

VICE meets up with wildlife influencer, Trapper Mike to see how he's amassed such a devoted following by going on hunts to rid the Everglades of various invasive species.

Pakistan's Enforced Disappearances

Mahrang Baloch is an activist using social media to highlight the issue of enforced disappearances in Pakistan. Ethnic Baloch people have been disappearing for two decades, activists say this happens after calling for social justice or independence.
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The Italian Hobbit Who Climbed Vesuvius to Build His Shire

We met Nicolas Gentile, a real hobbit who climbed Vesuvius to raise money to build his own shire on the hills, in Abruzzo
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75 Arrests, 134 Marathons & 1 Stabbing: Kansas City Superman

Local Legends meets a one of a kind jogger in Kansas City named the Kansas City Superman.