Minority Reports

The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with Rich Brian, 88rising, and $tupid Young

We met up with some of the biggest names in Asian hip-hop to find out why they got into the genre and what challenges they've faced while creating space for themselves as hip-hop's newest minorities.
The British Masters

The British Masters: Big Narstie

After Bryan Ferry, Liam Gallagher and Goldie, Big Narstie joins host John Doran to be inducted as a Noisey British Master.
Noisey Video Singles

Jay Hype - "Days": Noisey x Soundcloud Video Singles

Noisey Video Singles With Soundcloud. Created with editorial 2018 campaign.
Noisey Raps

Kris Wu’s Rare Car Collection

Noisey catches up with Chinese rap sensation Kris Wu in Los Angeles to check out his rare car collection before heading to the studio to finish up his Billboard charting debut album Antares. 
The British Masters

The British Masters: Damon Albarn

After Liam Gallagher, Tracey Thorn, Dizzee Rascal and Johnny Marr, Gorillaz, Blur and The Good, The Bad and The Queen's Damon Albarn joins host John Doran to be inducted as a British Master.
Madlib Medicine Show

Madlib Meets Ethiopian Legend Ayaléw Mesfin

Madlib and Egon with Ethiopia's own Ayalew Mesfin to talk about his revolutionary music.
i-D Meets

how to plan a music festival with 88rising

i-D hangs out with 88rising, while the musical collective work on their first-ever music festival.
The British Masters

The British Masters: Paul Simonon

After Mark E Smith, Liam Gallagher and John Lydon, The Clash and The Good, The Bad and The Queen's Paul Simonon joins host John Doran to be inducted as a British Master.
Big Night Out

Purgatory in Paradise

How do the tourists, the immigrants and the destitute locals coexist in Greece's paradise of party islands?
Self Portraits

Matt Ox Draws a Self Portrait

We sit down with Matt Ox as he draws a self portrait.
People Vs.

The People Vs. KYLE

KYLE on looking like Ross from 'Friends' and not being a lamer version of Drake.
The British Masters

The British Masters: Stuart Braithwaite

After Bryan Ferry, Johnny Marr and John Cale, Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai joins host John Doran to be inducted as a British Master.
What Would Diplo Do?

The Beef

I get in a Twitter war with Calvin Harris but I keep it 100 #SetItOff. Every Wednesday at 9:00PM on VICELAND.
Noisey Music Video Premiere

IDK - IWASVERYBAD (Official Music Video)

IDK - IWASVERYBAD (Official Music Video)
Noisey Acoustics

"Understand" - Anna St. Louis

Anna St. Louis performs an acoustic version of her song "Understand".
The Love Therapist With D Double E

The Love Therapist With D Double E

Grime scene legend - D Double E, came into the VICE office to give some staff members love-life advice.
People Vs.

The People Vs. Scarlxrd

After 50 Cent, Cardi B and Migos, its King Scar aka Scarlxrd's turn to take on the internet trolls, in the latest episode of Noisey’s The People VS.
Noisey Raps

Who the F**k are Pete & Bas?

In this episode of Noisey Raps, we meet the mysterious and elusive Pete & Bas. Last year a video surfaced of the two South London pensioners, spitting over hard rap instrumentals. Noisey tracked down the duo to find out who the fuck are Pete and Bas.
People Vs.

The People Vs. Rick Ross

The boss Rick Ross talks about everything from yoga to softcore porn.
Noisey Raps

Welcome to the Future of the Black Eyed Peas

Join Will.I.Am and Taboo for a tour of Will’s new Future studios to show off the first augmented reality comic book, discusses his philosophies on AI and AI assistants, and offers a look at some of his most exciting new inventions and musical goals.
Noisey Specials

World Cup of Rappers: A Boogie wit da Hoodie

A Boogie wit da Hoodie is the next rapper to decide who will be the winner of the Noisey World Cup of Rappers 2018.
Noisey Specials

World Cup of Rappers: Ramz

We give rappers the World Cup schedule – but instead of football teams squaring up, a bunch of the greatest rappers face up against each other. Ramz is the next rapper to decide who will be the winner of the Noisey World Cup of Rappers 2018.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

John Darnielle reveals that he doesn't like the Kinks, and he feels awful about it

Meet our new music critic, John Darnielle, "the dude from The Mountain Goats"
10 Things You Need To Know About...

10 things you need to know about netflix star tallulah haddon

i-D caught up with Tallulah Haddon, the breakout femme queer actress starring in Netflix’s new sci-fi series Kiss Me First, to chat queer porn, beatboxing and maggots.