10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...A Brexit Therapist

Feeling the emotional turmoil of Brexit? Meet Dr Emmy Van Deurzen, a psychotherapist who offers counselling to EU citizens suffering from anxiety because of Brexit.
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Alfie Brown, accompanied by our indomitable host, Jamali Maddix, takes centre stage in Copenhagen - the city frequently voted the happiest place to live in the world.

a guide to creating change in 2018

Britain’s young activists tell us how we too can become involved in our communities.

What do the expats of Berlin have to say about the EU referendum? Or are they too high to care?

As Britain prepares to either flee from the greasy garlic munchers or embrace the warm loving bosom of the EU, Gavin Haynes tackles the burning question on everyone's lips; Europe - in or out?

Talking to men dressed as centurions about the EU referendum

As Britain prepares to either flee from the greasy garlic munchers or embrace the warm loving bosom of the EU, Gavin Haynes tackles the burning question on everyone's lips; Europe - in or out?
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Dublin (Teaser)

Sean McLoughlin explores life in Dublin: eating bird brain, pondering about ginger pubes and lamenting over being so poor that you’re not allowed a Tesco clubcard.
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Berlin (Teaser)

Fern explores life in Berlin, talking about being the worst stripper the UK has ever seen and the why hipsters want to live there.
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This Tory stronghold voted Labour for the first time in 100 years

VICE News looks at how the conservative constituency of Canterbury went to the Labour Party in 2017.
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Amsterdam (Teaser)

Jamali and Fern tandem ride around Amsterdam, exploring British arrogance and reflecting if Britain is going down the pan since the Brexit vote.
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This is the First Woman to be the U.K.'s Official Election Artist

VICE News follows British artist Cornelia Parker as she gathers inspiration for an artwork that sums up the 2017 general election
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Copenhagen (Teaser)

Alfie and Jamali explores life in Copenhagen, learning about legal weed in Christiania, twenty-four hour news and the viking gene.
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Brexit Stage Left: Trailer

In the wake of the UK triggering Article 50, Jamali Maddix and three of his stand up comedian pals take in a quick-fire, stand-up comedy tour of Europe.
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VICE's 2017 UK Election Road Trip: Things Nobody Is Talking About

In the run up to the 2017 snap election, VICE asks why so many enormous issues have not been up for discussion and largely ignored.
Question Of The Day

Is Theresa May right to call a snap election?

VICE took to the streets to ask people what they think about the Prime Minister’s decision to call a snap election.
Question Of The Day

Should Britain go to war with Spain over Gibraltar?

VICE ask the people of London about the impending war with Spain over Gibraltar. What would this mean for Spanish people living in the UK?
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Marine Le Pen is winning over France's working class in the same way Trump soared to victory

This former factory town is now a bastion of France National Front
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Brexit will make life much more complicated for countless British businesses

VICE News reports from the iconic Brompton Bikes factory in London to understand how Brexit will complicate life for British businesses
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Theresa May insists Britain will see 'hard Brexit'

After months of mixed signals about her plans, Prime Minister Theresa May announced today that she'll lead Britain to a so-called Hard Brexit.
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Undercover Migrant

What’s it actually like to be a migrant in Brexit Britain?
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Brits for Trump

Nigel Farage, the man behind the Brexit vote in June, talks to Ben Ferguson about Donald Trump.
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Gerry Adams says Brexit Could Lead to Northern Ireland Leaving the UK

Gerry Adams says Northern Ireland could leave United Kingdom, following Brexit vote.
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Here’s What World War II Veterans Say About Brexit

Brexit campaigners used both WWII History the memory of Churchill to make their case.
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Exclusive Footage Reveals Jeremy Corbyn’s Insiders Struggled to get Labour Leader toFfight Brexit

Corbyn insiders struggled to get the UK Labour Party leader to fight Brexit, video reveals.
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'Leave' Voters Are Willing to Give Up Access to the EU Market to Stop Immigration

VICE News sent Simon Ostrovsky to Clacton-on-Sea to find out why its residents were so ready to give up on the European project.