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One-Off - Abuse in Sumo Wrestling

Sumo wrestling in Japan has been rocked by numerous cases of abuse, even murders, which have been too prominent for the public to ignore.

The Horrors I Saw at Korean Private Schools

Getting screamed at, sexual harassment and finding porn on the bosses’ school laptop. An English teacher reveals the horrors of working at South Korea’s notorious private “Hagwon” Schools.
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I Broke The Strangest Superstitions To See If It Ruined My Life

I decided to break as many of the weirdest superstitions I could in a day to see if it ruined my life.
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Japan's Youth Sports Leagues Hide Dark History of Abuse, Suicide

The practice of "taibatsu," or corporal punishment, has deep roots in Japan's youth sports programs. VICE News meets Satoshi Araya, the father of a son who committed suicide after being bullied by his coach, as he searches for justice.

Keaton Jones, Bullying, and the Confederate Flag

Viral video of bullied child Keaton Jones gets overshadowed by some photos of his family posing with Confederate flags.
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On Being Black, Muslim American, and Proud: Yasmine Yasmine

Yasmine faced bullying as a kid because she was Black, Muslim and wore a hijab but now an adult she uses her money and career as a fashion consultant to further embrace her faith and blackness.
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Bad Boy School

Cortez and Crystal share their backgrounds before starting a fight on school bus.
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Margaret Cho on Power Bottoms and Surviving Bullshit

The pioneering stand-up on what it's like to be an openly bisexual entertainer.