I Made My First Million at Age Six

Isabella Barrett has been a millionaire since she was six years old. Now, at the tender age of 15, she owns three fashion brands with plans to become the next billionaire.
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How a Cheater Thinks

On today’s episode – getting over your ex, supporting your partner in prison, and how to spot red flags.
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KGHL: Episode 7

On today’s episode – living with a health condition, choosing between love and wealth in a relationship, and navigating polyamory.
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Why Can't I Get Laid? | The Kevin Gates Helpline

There feels like no better time to reset and focus on spreading inspiration and positivity.
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Kevin Gates On Toxic Sex

On today’s episode – practicing semen retention, staying spiritually aligned, and kicking the ex out of the house.
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My Best Friend is in Love with Me | Kevin Gates Helpline

On today’s episode – recovering from a loveless marriage, a best friend confessing their love, and advice on how to get your life together.
Future Tense

AI Influencers

With the growing influence of the Metaverse, the space for virtual influencers is expanding. VICE World News takes a look inside the world of virtual influencers in China.
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Kevin Gates on Why Threesomes Are Good for Monogamy

On today’s episode – out of jail and cheating, 6 kids and no time to breathe, and does true monogamy exist?
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How to Confront A Woman Your Boyfriend Impregnated

On today’s episode – how to live a polyamorous lifestyle, advice on meeting a husband's pregnant girlfriend, and helping troubled friends.
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Kevin Gates Helpline: Sex & Disabilities

Deep thinker and motivational man Kevin Gates and best friend OG Boobie Black, will help pick you up and point you in the right direction.
My Debt Diary

I Was $10k in Debt Because of Instagram

Meet Lisette, an Instagram influencer, who racked up $10K in debt in her pursuit to Instagram fame.
Inside My Mind

Tim Heidecker Takes Wild Trip Down Memory Lane on a Guided Meditation | Inside My Mind

Things get weird when Tim Heidecker from the hilariously-offbeat comedy duo “Tim and Eric,” stops by the VICE studio to go on a guided meditation.