Hamilton's Pharmacopeia / Clip

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia: Season 2 (Trailer)

This season, Hamilton crisscrosses the globe to dissect the world’s most intriguing substances including DMT, Peyote, Kratom and hunts down the Bufo Alvarius (a species of Toad known to be hallucinogenic).
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Clip

The Shamanic San Pedro Cactus Ritual

During Hamilton's stay with famous Shaman Cipriano Zurita Neira, he witnesses a San Pedro cactus healing process.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Clip

Meet The Mushroom Hermit of The Carpathians

Hamilton meets with Vasyl, a forest hermit who can help him in his quest for the fly agarics mushroom.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Extra Scene

Light as a Gateway to Consciousness

In this deleted scene from HAMILTON'S PHARMACOPEIA, Hamilton meets with Marina Masic of Lumina NY to receive light therapy that provides a similar experience to DMT.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Clip

Exploring the Complicated History of Peyote

Hamilton meets with to learn about Peyote's long and complicated plant history.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Extra Scene

Meeting with a Cacti Expert

Hamilton speaks with Dr. Martin Terry, a cactus expert and conservationist, about his plant collection.
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.. / Extra Scene

The Toad Ceremonies of the Yaqui Tribe

Hamilton meets with members of the Yaqui tribe and witnesses their ceremonial dance and speaks with them about "toad medicine."
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia / Clip

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia: The Fish That Gets You High

Hamilton Morris eats five fish brains in a curry that is rumored to get you higher than your average stew.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia / Clip

Talking to PCP Advocate Timothy Wyllie

Hamilton Morris meets Timothy Wyllie, an artist and founding member of The Process Church whose experiences on PCP led him to be an advocate of the drug's use.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia / Clip

This is How PCP is Made

Hamilton Morris tracks down a former PCP cook and uses his recipe to try to make the liquid version of the drug in a lab.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia / Clip

Inside a Clandestine Mushroom Lab

Hamilton Morris meets a few mushroom kingpins in their subterranean mushroom chamber.
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia / Clip

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia: Trailer

Join an incredible journey through the history, chemistry and societal impacts of the world’s most extraordinary drugs.