Iron Chef Morimoto on How To Prepare Fish for Sushi

Iron Chef Morimoto is in the Munchies Test Kitchen to demystify how to prepare fresh fish for a variety of sushi and sashimi, with products like sardine, snapper, shrimp, different cuts of tuna, and more.
Recipe For Disaster

Jonnyshipes Tries To Make Pizza Rolls For Kaash Paige

Jonnyshipes has singer-songwriter Kaash Paige stopping by his kitchen to try his homemade pizza rolls. Will he fail or flourish?
The Cooking Show

Chicken & Dumplings: A Classic Comfort Food

Farideh makes chicken and dumplings, a classic comfort food that’s perfect for making at home.

Fan Tuan: Taiwanese Breakfast You Should Be Eating

Trigg Brown of Win Son in NYC is in the Munchies Test Kitchen making fan tuan, a Taiwanese breakfast treat made to be eaten on the go.

The Man Who Eats Roadkill

Meet 73-year-old Arthur Boyt, notorious resident of remote Bodmin Moor in Cornwall, and connoisseur of cooking and eating roadkill - nothing is too far fetched or fanciful to end up on his plate.
Good Chef, Bad Kitchen

5-Star Pancakes, 1-Star Kitchen

How do you whisk egg whites without a whisk? Chef Emily solves this problem and more while cooking bananas foster in a tiny New Jersey apartment.
The New Normal

Selling Colombian Food Out Of A Bedroom Window

Through her project La TropiKitchen, Stephanie Bonnin makes handcrafted Colombian food and sells it from her apartment in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
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Upgrade Your Cream Of Mushroom Soup

Never use canned cream of mushroom soup again because Farideh’s got a recipe for that: homemade cream of mushroom soup for a simple chicken and wild rice casserole.
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Spiced Apple Pancakes - The Cooking Show

Farideh wants you to get over pumpkin spice and get into apple spice with these fluffy apple pancakes bursting with fall flavors.
Munchies Specials

Fighting Climate Change with 1 Billion Oysters

Oysters are good for more than just eating on the half shell: in New York City, they're helping restore and preserve the harbor.
The New Normal

Rapper Turned Chef Is Serving Soul Food to LA

Hugh Augustine is a rapper from Los Angeles trying to provide something different for his community: access to affordable, plant-based meals that everyone can enjoy.
Good Chef, Bad Kitchen

How to Make Mozzarella When You Don’t Have the Proper Tools

Chef Angie makes caprese salad in Liza's small kitchen. Her challenge is to make fresh mozzarella without proper measuring materials, without a cheese cloth, and without a fully working stove.