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The Pink "Cocaine" Wave

A so-called pink “cocaine,” aka tucibi, has taken over Colombia’s drug scene and is spreading into Europe. To find out what this mysterious pink powder actually is, Matt Shea takes a deep dive into Medellin’s narco-underworld.
The War On Drugs

How Fiji Became a Cartel Paradise

There’s a new cocaine and meth superhighway stretching from Latin America to Australia via the Pacific Islands, with unforeseen and devastating consequences.
The War On Drugs

Is The World’s Weirdest Drug Market In New Zealand?

New Zealand is overrun with meth and new synthetic drugs – sold by fierce biker gangs. But, this is how one psychedelic rockstar almost managed to end their War on Drugs!
The War On Drugs

How Speed is Fuelling Wars in The Middle East

The Syrian government have become some of the world’s biggest amphetamine dealers – flooding the Middle East with the drug Captagon to finance their war machine.

The Most Dangerous City in Europe?

In Marseille, violence between drug gangs fighting for territory has spiralled out of control. VICE meets the criminals behind these wars and the victims.

How Steroids Became More Popular Than Heroin

Steroids are more popular than heroin. But why are people using them? And what are the effects? We dive deep into this massive, under-unexplored drugs scene.

How Queer Clubs Changed the Way We Take Drugs

LGBTQ+ people tend to use drugs at significantly higher rates than straight people, and in this episode - we’re asking why.
The War On Drugs

How Russia Created the World’s Worst Street Drug

Russia’s brutal War on Drugs has led to some of some of the world’s deadliest street drugs and an exploding HIV crisis – and the Russian people have paid the price.
The War On Drugs

How the CIA Created a Cocaine Dictator

Manuel Noriega was a brutal dictator. He was also a cocaine trafficker, protected by the CIA. When the US invaded to arrest him, the War on Drugs became a literal war.
The War On Drugs

The Female Cartel Bosses of Latin America

Who are the mysterious female bosses commanding cartels? How have these women achieved power, and what can they show us about how the drug war shapes women's lives?
VICE Specials

The Heroin Pill Sparking Deadly Turf Wars

A new form of packaging heroin in pill form has hit Durban, South Africa, upending the market and sparking brutal gang wars that the police are struggling to contain.
The War On Drugs

Brazil’s Drug Wars Just Got Even Deadlier

This is how Brazil’s deadly drug wars have been fuelled by a president who thinks the solution is to throw more guns at the problem.