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Nas and BET's New Documentary "Smoke: Marijuana & Black America"

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VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

I Sent a Lookalike To Skydive With My Wife & She Didn't Realise

Richard's wife's dream is to skydive with her partner, but he’s petrified of heights. Oobah Butler held auditions and cast a lookalike to take his place. Will it work?
Recipe For Disaster

Jonnyshipes Tries To Make Pizza Rolls For Kaash Paige

Jonnyshipes has singer-songwriter Kaash Paige stopping by his kitchen to try his homemade pizza rolls. Will he fail or flourish?
People Vs.

Lil Keed Responds to Comments on his Video for "Snake"

Lil Need responds to the army of internet trolls commenting on his music videos for "Snake" and "Wavy."
One Star Product Reviews

Taking a One Star Boat Out to Sea | One Star Reviews

Welcome to One Star Product Reviews.
The VICE Guide To Right Now

Singing Naked in Front of a Room of Strangers

Taji Ameen is on a mission of self improvement. In an online world of overwhelming emotional support, from motivational quotes, to inspirational quotes, to flaunting influencers... he allows the internet to dictate his journey.
Kevin Gates Help Line

Kevin Gates Episode 8

Rapper Kevin Gates helps VICE viewers with his advice hotline.

Bad Boy Chiller Crew

VICE’s Tir Dhondy heads up north to hang out with the Bad Boy Chiller Crew ahead of their first world tour to find out whether they are going to take over the world.
Kevin Gates Help Line

Dating While Autistic

Rapper Kevin Gates helps VICE viewers with his advice hotline.
Inside My Mind

Singer-Songwriter Noah Cyrus Takes a Psychedelic Adventure Down The Old Town Road

Singer-songwriter Noah Cyrus, breezes through the VICE studio to go on a trippy guided meditation through Nashville, an underwater world, and an encounter with aliens.
Europe's Best Song

The 5 Best Songs in Europe, Decided by You

Coronavirus robbed the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, so we stepped in to give the people what they want and, indeed, what they need with our alternative competition.
The VICE Guide To Right Now

Facing My Fear of Attack Dogs

Taji attempts to overcome his fear of being attacked by dogs while being blindfolded.