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How a 10-Year-Old Boy Was Forced To Join Isis

How did a 10-year-old American boy end up being forced to build a suicide vest for ISIS propaganda? Journalist Josh Baker unravels this unbelievable story.
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We Uncovered an ISIS Mass Grave

In Syria’s Raqqa, locals talk of an ISIS mass grave. Using drones and online evidence, Human Rights Watch’s Digital Investigations Lab pieces together what happened.

ISIS Fighters Are Escaping Prison

Earlier this year, as the world turned its attention to Putin, scores of suspected ISIS militants escaped a prison in Syria during a sophisticated breakout.
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How ISIS Makes Millions From Stolen Antiques

From Egyptian coffins trafficked to the Met Museum to terrorist groups openly hawking stolen goods on Facebook, the antiquity trafficking black market is booming.
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Hunting Down Incel Extremists

In order to understand the most radical extremism in the world, Julia Ebner goes undercover online to some of the darkest corners of the internet - including ‘incel’ forums.
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Trump’s Chaotic Syria Plan Doesn’t Just Screw the Kurds, It Could help ISIS

It could also really hurt the American position with its allies in the region.
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Turkey Launches Attack In Syria On Kurds After U.S. Announces Pullback

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan launched airstrikes on Kurdish outposts and sent troops into northern Syria on Wednesday after President Trump pulled U.S. troops from the region, abandoning a key U.S. ally in the fight against ISIS.
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Fighting ISIS

In Iraq, Suroosh speaks to the soldiers on the frontline of the fight against ISIS and experiences the violence of the conflict firsthand.
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The Formation of the Islamic State

Suroosh tracks the origins of the Islamic State from an American prison camp in Iraq and a 1400 year old religious prophecy.
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The Real Consequences of the U.S Pulling Troops from Africa

VICE News traveled to Niger to see what troops are up against – and gained rare access to the new U.S. drone base.
Foreign Fighter Diary

Safer at War than at Home | Diary of a Combat Medic (Part 3/3)

This is Swedish Kurdish combat medic Firat’s video diary from when he returned to Syria to fight to last battle against ISIS.
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Interrogating Enemy Combatants | Diary of a Combat Medic (Part 2/3)

This is Swedish Kurdish combat medic Firat’s video diary from when he returned to Syria to fight to last battle against ISIS.