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Bisexual Fraternity Sex Party

NSFW is a New York sex and wellness space particularly catering to bisexual men. Karley attends one of their sexy fraternity play sessions.
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Slutever Visits the Cat Girl Manor

Slutever visits the infamous Cat Girl Manor, where fabulous BDSM kittens lounge around in lingerie drinking champagne. Could this Karley's spiritual home?​
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Exploring Your Kinky Side as an Exhibitionist

There are a lot of ways to explore your super kinky side. 'Slutever' host Karley Sciortino explains how.
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Sex Writer and Host of SLUTEVER Karley Sciortino

We talk to author and TV host Karley Sciortino about flipping the term "slut," the weirdest sex experience she's had for journalism, male sex dolls, and how to pee on people.
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Why Men Should Fantasize about Being Submissive

On this episode of 'Ask Slutever,' host Karley Sciortino explains why men don't necessarily need to be dominant in bed.
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How to Incorporate Urine into Your Sex Life

'Slutever' host Karley Sciortino gives us some tips on how pee can be sexy.

Single Japanese Women Are Buying the Boyfriend Experience

Whether they're craving a shoulder to cry on, a hunk to take shots with, or a late-night cuddle, Tokyo-based women can fulfill their relational needs on demand and by the hour.
Love Industries

Mobile Love Industry

We look at the ways in which mobile apps have become an essential part of our search for the next hook-up, true love, and everything in between.