The Business of Crime

The Freemason and The Mafia

VWN explore the alleged links between Italian Mafia groups and the Freemason - a connection that has a long, if not always entirely clear cut, history.
VWN Investigators

The Former Mafia Boss Exposing Corrupt Politicians

Journalist Sacha Biazzo went undercover to expose the intricate web of crime inside Italy’s Mafia waste trafficking racket.
The Business of Crime

Is the New York Mob Back?

VICE World News looks at the future of the Crime Family - why they hold such sway over the imagination and exactly what their role is in the global criminal underworld.
The Business of Crime

How to Clean Dirty Money

From crypto kings in North Korea to major banks, We look at how criminals clean their money and how money laundering is essential to keep the criminal world running.
Bad Blood

Gangster Marathon Runner

Meet Rahul Jadhav. Today, he is known as an ultramarathon runner all over India. But this was not the case just a few years ago. Rahul used to be a gang member, a gunrunner, and a money launderer. This is his story of finding redemption and himself.
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The mafia and a Nigerian gang are targeting refugees in Sicily

VICE News examines the tensions rising between the Black Axe and Sicily's Cosa Nostra, as the Nigerian criminal gang infiltrates the island.

Japan's Most Violent Biker Gang

VICE Japan followed some of the most infamous Japanese motorcycle gang members to hear about their glory days and the dying subculture.

Im Kampf gegen Tokios korruptes Diamantensyndikat

Das japanische Diamantengeschäft ist übersättigt mit Mittelsmännern. Wir folgen Kyoji Sasaki bei seinem Versuch, die Industrie zu revolutionieren.
VICE Talks Film

William Friedkin and Scott Cooper on 'Black Mass'

Legendary filmmaker William Friedkin sits down with director Scott Cooper to talk his upcoming film about James 'Whitey' Bulger.

TOXIC: Napoli

In Napels en het omliggende Campania heeft de maffia al decennialang de macht over de afvalverwerkingsindustrie. In deze video zien we daar de onprettige gevolgen van.
Rule Britannia

Der furchteinflößendste Schuldeneintreiber Großbritanniens

Früher hat Shaun Smith in der britischen Unterwelt für Angst und Schrecken gesorgt, heute will er seine Fähigkeiten auf legale Art und Weise einsetzen.