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MDMA Is Killing Trees + 4 Other Ways We’re Trashing the Planet

EXTINCTION UPDATE is an environmental alarm clock with five stories of human stupidity fucking up planet Earth, as well as some tips for how we can all help unfuck it.
10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask: A Mermaid

Hidden deep within the swimming pools of The Hamptons is a mystical creature, spoken about in ancient legends and Disney films. Yes, it's a mermaid, and VICE is honoured with the opportunity to ask those blessed 10 questions on a Costa Rican beach.
Humans of the Year

Protecting The Ocean With Big Data

Douglas McCauley works with new technologies and big data to help people get invested in the future of the oceans.
Culture Beat

Afropunk Style, Hyperflesh Masks, and a Deep Web Dive

We spend a day at the Afropunk festival in Brooklyn, take a look at viral sensation Landon Meier's masks and get to the bottom of the internet with artist Trevor Paglen.
The Process / web

Trevor Paglen's Deep Web Dive | Behind the Scenes

The Creators Project travels to Miami to meet Trevor Paglen, an artist, experimental geographer, and counter-surveillance researcher most known for his long distance pictures of secret military bases, and his contribution to Citizenfour.

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks (Full Length)

In the full length version of "Surrounded: Island of the Sharks", Motherboard goes to Réunion to see why the island has experienced a spike in shark attacks since 2011, and how people are turning to science to restore balance with nature.
Motherboard / Clip

Surrounded: Island of the Sharks (Part 2)

Reunion Island residents are taking shark research and attack-prevention measures into their own hands, an attempt at a more symbiotic relationship.
On The Line

Danny Gold on Drug Trafficking and Conservationism in Costa Rica

Danny Gold joins On The Line to discuss the violent overlap between drug trafficking and conservationism in Costa Rica.
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Starving and Stranded: California's Sea Lions Die-Off

VICE News witnesses the California Wildlife Center’s smallest and most frail sea lion pup as it learns how to eat a full fish.

Garbage Island

Come aboard as the VICE crew takes a cruise to the Northern Gyre in the Pacific Ocean, a spot where currents spin and cycle, churning up tons of plastic into a giant pool of chemical soup, flecked with bits and whole chunks of refuse that cannot biodegrad
How-To / web

Seared Scallops

Chef Michael Teich of The Wallace in Culver City, California, teaches us how to make a seared scallop dish that is simple to make.