The War On Drugs

Can Psychedelics Make You Less Depressed?

Going on a shroom, DMT or acid trip may not sound like a conventional therapy session, but there’s a psychedelic revolution going on in mental health treatment.
Noisey Specials

Disabled Not Defeated: The Rock Band With Learning Disabilities - Delta 7

A post-punk band made up of adults with learning disabilities discover their resilience, united strength and the power of creativity following the heart-breaking death of one of their band members.
10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask...A Brexit Therapist

Feeling the emotional turmoil of Brexit? Meet Dr Emmy Van Deurzen, a psychotherapist who offers counselling to EU citizens suffering from anxiety because of Brexit.
Will This Save Me?

Can Alternative Therapies Save Me?

In an age of anxiety, the alternative therapy industry is booming. Are gong baths or isolation tanks worth our time and money? Can alternative therapies save us in 2019?
Hollywood Love Story (UK) / web

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Maddie is an artist diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. As @snakelively, she makes comedic memes while attempting to establish herself as an artist.
The Love Therapist With D Double E

The Love Therapist With D Double E: Pornstars

After giving love therapy to VICE staff, grime legend D Double E, aka Noisey’s Love Therapist, is back and is giving more relationship advice to people; this time round its to pornstars.
VICE Specials

The Hypnotherapist Who Treats Victims of Alleged Alien Abductions

VICE met up with Laurie McDonald, a clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in alien phenomena, for an inside look at her work with patients who claim they’ve had extraterrestrial encounters.
Will This Save Me?

Can Horse Therapy Save Us?

Anxiety is high and mental health services are increasingly underfunded. Are alternative therapies worth exploring? Can Horse Therapy save us?
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Therapists are using VR headsets to cure phobias

They aim to cure phobias and addictions by creating immersive experiences designed to expose a patient to "safe space" situations that normally cause anxiety in the real world.
VICE Shorties


Escapology is a short film about addiction narrated by Nick Mercer, an ex-addict who is now a psychotherapist and addiction counsellor.
The Therapist / Extra Scene

Damian Abraham Attempts to Find Happiness in His Life

Fucked Up's Damian Abraham takes stock of his mental and emotional life and where he needs to work and improve.
The Therapist / Extra Scene

DeJ Loaf Finds Her Freedom in the Truth

Dr. Singh talks to Dej Loaf about opening up, telling the truth, and setting yourself free.