People Vs.

‘M Huncho is a Road Man Hannah Montana’ | The People Vs Nafe Smallz & M Huncho

After Migos, Cardi B, Stormzy and Headie One, we got M Huncho and Nafe Smallz, to give us their thoughts on the comments below the video for their song 5AM.
Empire of Dirt

An Unfortunate Fact About British Universities | Empires of Dirt

Zing Tsjeng visits Oxford to examine the ongoing controversy as universities across the UK reckon with their unsavoury connections to colonialism.

I Stole $2 Million of Jewellery as a Fake Arab Prince

Saqib Mumtaz couldn’t resist one last audacious crime and it came in the form of a $2 million dollar jewellery heist whilst intimidating the Prince of Brunei.
High Society

Inside a Secret Weed Farm Hidden in Plain Sight | High Society

We immerse ourselves in the secret world of ‘Guerrilla Growers’: an online community of cannabis cultivators who grow weed hiding in plain sight on the side of motorways.
The War On Drugs

Does Crystal Meth Really Make Your Teeth Fall Out? | The War on Drugs

Does crystal meth use really make your teeth fall out? We pick apart meth fact from fiction and show how the War on Drugs has created a world on speed.
VWN Informers

Exposing Sexual Harassment in British Government | Informer

This assistant to MPs in the UK's Houses of Parliament calls out sexual harassment, assault and predatory behaviour by senior male MPs towards female members of staff.
Noisey Explains...

Did This Rapper Turn into a Cat?

An urban legend in London is that rapper Sneakbo once turned into a cat to get away from people chasing him. Could it be true? Chuckie Lothian investigated thoroughly.
Empire of Dirt

The Dark Relationship Between Slavery and Tobacco

Zing Tsjeng heads to Scotland to find out who the Tobacco Lords of Glasgow were and learn about their role at the centre of America's slave labour tobacco industry.
VWN Super-Users

The Hackers Finding Missing People | Super Users

Robert Sell leads teams of hackers in competitions to find missing people using open source data. He explains how these digital search and rescue operations work.

Watching The Fall of the Berlin Wall | Developing News

Franco-Nigerian photojournalist Pierre Alozie talks about the photos he took at the fall of the Berlin Wall that divided communist East Germany from West Germany.
The War On Drugs

The Racist Legacy of The War on Drugs | The War on Drugs

Racism is not a bug of the War on Drugs – it’s a feature. Since their earliest beginnings, drug laws have been explicitly built around targeting ethnic minorities.
VWN Super-Users

I Solved a 30-Year-Old Murder Mystery Using the Internet | Super Users

When a girl was found murdered and abandoned in a tent in the 1960s, no one thought it would take a website being created in 1997 for the case to finally be solved.