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Who is the Real Jeremy Fragrance?

Meet Jeremy Fragrance, the number one fragrance icon that follows the teachings of Jesus, as he lands in New York City to smell strangers, share his wisdom, and make it big. Will Jeremy Fragrance break America or will America break him?
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Discovering Hungary, One Bite at a Time | MUNCHIES Guide to Budapest

You can taste the history of Hungary through their modern take on classic dishes, and there’s no better place to do so than its capital. Made in partnership with Mercure Hotels. #ad
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MS13's Toxic Weed That’s 'More Addictive Than Cocaine'

MS-13 Is getting rich from chemically-altered weed that's 'more addictive than cocaine.'
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Is Scotland the New Cocaine Capital?

In 2018, Scotland was named the most cocaine-consuming nation on the planet, leading to a deadly trend of cocaine injection and a wave of crime in Glasgow.
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Pissing Blood: The Ketamine Time Bomb

Britain is the ketamine capital of Europe, with one in 30 young people here taking it - the highest number since records began. Why do Brits love this bladder-destroying horse tranquiliser so much?
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The CDC estimates about 2.4 million Americans are living with Hep C today. Almost 70% of new infections are due to injection drug use. So, VICE News headed to the frontlines of the Opioid epidemic to meet three people with connections to Hep C and the opi
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To Sign or Not to Sign

Kevin Abstract has an opportunity on the table to sign a deal, but he's not sure that it's the best thing for his career.
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In conversation: Ghetto Gastro + Michele Lamy

i-D spends the day in Miami at Art Basel with long-time collaborators and friends Michèle Lamy and the Bronx-based culinary collective, Ghetto Gastro, consisting of Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao and Lester Walker.

Drugs, Nudity & World Peace: The Rainbow Family Gathering

VICE’s Erica Matson trekked out to Routt County National Forest to attend the week-long Rainbow Family gathering to see if peace is real, or if it's just an acid trip.
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Inside Fiji’s Violent Doomsday Cult

Grace Road Church believes a nuclear-tinged Judgement Day is approaching — and that Fiji is the post-apocalyptic promised land.
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The Japan You Never Knew | VICE Guide to Ehime

Ehime is one of the top emerging travel destinations in Japan! We sent KTea to check out the sustainable experiences & historical castle district of Ozu City, and the region’s capital, Matsuyama, to see everything Ehime has to offer! #ad
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Why You Should Be Worried About China’s Nukes

China is stockpiling nuclear weapons – secretly adding nuclear silos to what’s already the world’s biggest land-based missile force.