World Without Planes: The Vice Guide to Europe

The Neapolitan Blood Ritual | World Without Planes

In the final World Without Planes, we learn to make the best pizza in Naples, visit a crypt with 80,000 skulls and witness a Neapolitan blood ritual.
The War On Drugs

America’s Opioid Epidemic Is Killing 40,000 a Year | The War on Drugs

This is the story of the North America Opioid Crisis – how a combination of medical overprescribing and drug prohibition created an epidemic as serious as COVID-19.
VWN Super-Users

The Rise of the Step Chickens - building a Cult on TikTok | Super Users

The largest TikTok cult now has over 2 million followers who have pledged allegiance to it's leader. VICE meets Melissa Ong who explains how she created the Step Chickens

The Mystery of the US Soldier Who Disappeared in Afghanistan | Developing News

British photojournalist Sean Smith talks to us about his work on the front line covering conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
VICE Specials

Extinction Update: Eco Homes

Welcome back to Extinction Update, the prophet of doom in your ear. This time we travel to Serbia to meet an architect reviving the ancient art of building “breathable”, eco-friendly homes from mud.
World Without Planes: The Vice Guide to Europe

Partying at a Refugee Nightclub in Naples | World Without Planes

In part one of our series finale of World Without Planes, we eat deep fried pizza in Naples, drink €1 Aperol spritzes, watch the Napoli game and party at a refugee club.

Documenting the Hedonism of 1980s Britain

Photographer Chris Steele-Perkins talks to us about his series ‘The Pleasure Principle’ – a portrait of England’s social elite in the 1980s including Margaret Thatcher.
Why Should I Give A Shit About...

I Tried to Make It as an Actor in 24 Hours

Our resident wannabe influencer, Alhan Gençay, knows there’s some serious cheques cashed in the world of acting. So he decides to get some lessons.
VWN Super-Users

I Exposed a Fake COVID-19 Vaccine Scam

Professional 'scambaiter', Kit Boga, has been taking on the people behind fake Covid-19 vaccines. We met him as he trolls and exposes the scammers.
The War On Drugs

Why Taking Out Drug Lords Is a Bad Idea

Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán turned Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel into the most powerful drugs gang on the planet. When he was arrested, it unleashed a tidal wave of violence.
Why Should I Give A Shit About...

Why Should I Give A Shit About...The Beatles

Alhan loves music, but strictly grime. He keeps hearing boomers going on about some group called The Beatles, so before the pandemic he went on a mission to find out why.
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The World’s First Solar Car | Extinction Update

Before the pandemic, we visited Lightyear – a startup developing the first solar-powered car – to learn if their project could save the world.