The War On Drugs / web

The Craziest Ways Cartels Traffic Drugs

Drug cartels are more innovative than most legitimate companies. From narco-submarines to sex toys, we look at the most inventive ways cartels have smuggled drugs.
Rites of Passage / web

From Illegal Street Fights to Pro Muay Thai

When Naeem saw the violence around him evolve from fists to weapons, he knew that something had to change. He decided to settle disputes in the ring, not on the streets with weapons.
The War On Drugs

Colombia’s Most Wanted Drug Lord

The Colombian cocaine trade has transformed since the days of Pablo Escobar. This is the story of the rise of the new generation of Colombian drug lords.
The War On Drugs / web

The Mystery of the $200 Million Drug Bust

In 2007, police seized $207 million from the Chinese-Mexican businessman Zhenli Ye Gon. Could he be the weirdest trafficker in the entire history of the War on Drugs?

How China is Fuelling America's Drug Epidemic

Fentanyl is the deadly drug driving the North American overdose crisis. Ben Westhoff infiltrated China’s fentanyl labs to reveal the role of the Chinese government.
The War On Drugs / web

How Shellfish Fuelled a Meth Boom

From poaching endangered shellfish to smoking quaaludes, this is the wild origin story of how meth took over South Africa.
Fringes / web

Tantra Island: The Search for Sexual Paradise

Off the coast of Thailand is an island Tantric community who claim to have found sexual enlightenment.
Zeke Spector Is Not Afraid

Scams, Zealots, and Jet Skis: Life Inside the Crypto Scene | Spiraling

VICE Producer Zeke Spector spirals down the rabbit hole looking to see if crypto is just another ponzi scheme thought up by the rich or a true game changer.
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In Iran, journalists have a target on their backs. So, how do you expose a government which arrests, tortures and even kills its reporters? Maziar Bahari has found a way.
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I Expose the Worst Landlords

Cockroaches, sewage, mice and mould.. Kwajo Tweneboa uses social media to expose the UK's worst homes. His videos have become a vital tool in holding landlords to account.
VWN Decade of Hate / web

The Rise of Far-Right Female Influencers

Female far-right politicians and right-wing female influencers are gaining ground like never before. This is how women have become the secret weapon of the far right.
VWN Informers / web

The Gruesome Murders I’ve Encountered Dissecting Bodies

An autopsy technician discloses the gory details of dissecting thousands of bodies for a living.