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The War On Drugs

Hezbollah's Narco Empire

The wild story of how the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah became major players in the global cocaine trade – and how the DEA and CIA fought each other to catch them.
The War On Drugs

Narco-Propaganda is Fuelling Mexico’s Drug War

Host, Jamie Clifton, looks at some of the chaos caused by recreational drug prohibition.
The War On Drugs

The Craziest Ways Cartels Traffic Drugs

Drug cartels are more innovative than most legitimate companies. From narco-submarines to sex toys, we look at the most inventive ways cartels have smuggled drugs.
The War On Drugs

Colombia’s Most Wanted Drug Lord

The Colombian cocaine trade has transformed since the days of Pablo Escobar. This is the story of the rise of the new generation of Colombian drug lords.
The War On Drugs / web

The Mystery of the $200 Million Drug Bust

In 2007, police seized $207 million from the Chinese-Mexican businessman Zhenli Ye Gon. Could he be the weirdest trafficker in the entire history of the War on Drugs?
The War On Drugs

How Shellfish Fuelled a Meth Boom

From poaching endangered shellfish to smoking quaaludes, this is the wild origin story of how meth took over South Africa.
The Big Steal

Nissan Scandal

Carlos Ghosn, former chairman of Nissan and CEO of Renault, was accused of under-reporting $80 million of his own salary.
The Big Steal / web

How one family bankrupted Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is bankrupt and protestors blame the current economic crisis on just one family.
Gen 跟 CHINA / web

Gen China - Mixed Race

Mixed-race Eurasian face filters and models are prolific on Chinese social media, but the same preference isn’t given to mixed-race Black and Chinese people.

The Gruesome Murders I’ve Encountered Dissecting Bodies

An autopsy technician discloses the gory details of dissecting thousands of bodies for a living.
Empire of Dirt

Did the Royal Family Steal This $400 Million Diamond?

As King Charles III prepares for his coronation, controversy is brewing over whether Camilla will wear a crown with a $400 million diamond allegedly stolen from India.
Empire of Dirt

The Dark Secret Behind the Royal Family's Wealth

In this series, VICE host Zing Tsjeng uncovers the ugly history of the British empire that they don’t teach us in schools.