The Noisey Questionnaire of Life

BTS on Having No Friends, Drake, and Pokemon

After Cardi B, Ed Sheeran and Donald Glover, the time has come for K-Pop sensations BTS to take on the notorious Noisey Questionnaire of Life. They give their opinions on everything from Eminem and being able to fly to anime and pets.
Minority Reports

The World's Most Controversial K-Pop Group

We met up with the members of EXP Edition, the world’s first non-Korean K-pop group, to find out why they’re trying to become the genre’s next breakout stars—and explore the backlash they're facing from people accusing them of cultural appropriation.
Huang’s World S2 EP7

South Korea

Eddie explores South Korea’s commodification of culture as he eats his way through Seoul.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

China’s Hottest Boy Band is Made up of All Girls

With Asian pop acts suddenly dominating charts around the world, a new band called FFC-Acrush hopes to be China’s answer to K-Pop.
Noisey S2 EP4

Seoul with BIGBANG

The story of BIGBANG is the story of K-Pop, Korea's cultural export.
Noisey / Clip

Taeyang, The Justin Bieber of K-Pop

Zach sits down with K-Pop star Taeyang from Big Bang to discuss making sacrifices and the mandatory military service he and his bandmates will have to serve.
Daily VICE

The Demented Pop Music of Kero Kero Bonito

On this episode of 'Daily VICE,' we meet up with the London-based band Kero Kero Bonito to talk about its debut album 'Bonito Generation.'
Beyond Beauty

How Jay Park is Changing Attitudes to Korean Beauty

Grace Neutral meets a Korean gang member and a K-Pop superstar, to paint a more detailed picture of what influences the country's youth and their vision of modern beauty.