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Alhan: Ready For War

VICE's Alhan Gençay joins all the armies of NATO in one of the biggest war games ever enacted, hoping to discover whether he can stop being a self-interested millennial arsehole and become a true soldier.
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My Big Day Out at the Royal Wedding with the No. 1 Royal Superfan

Alhan Gencay is back with his old friend Margaret Tyler, the UK's no.1 royal superfan. This time they have a very important event to attend, the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan. VICE meets Margaroonie at early o'clock for the special day.
Stoned / Clip

Trying To Run A Professional Interview Whilst High

We test the effects of weed on the brain, and to explore how well you can retain information while high by sending a volunteer to interview a musician in Amsterdam.
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In The Queue: VICE UK's 15th Birthday Party

We sent Alhan Gençay down to VICE UK's 15th Birthday Party to find out exactly who on earth would attend such a thing…
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VICE Hosts Vs. Trolls

It may look glamorous being on camera, but IRL it can be pretty brutal. Our hosts look through their most upsetting and hurtful comments.
Why Should I Give A Shit About...

Why Should I Give A Shit About Fashion?

Isn't it just clothes though? VICE sends Alhan to London Fashion Week to find out why he should give a shit about Fashion.
Why Should I Give A Shit About...

Why Should I Give A Shit About The Royal Family?

Does anyone actually give a shit about the Royal Family? VICE's resident troublemaker Alhan Gençay meets the world’s biggest royal superfan to find out why he should care.
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Why Should I Give A Shit About Big Ben?

Alhan Gençay, VICE's resident troublemaker, recently turned 18, meaning he's now legally an adult in the UK. Surely it's time he got proper adult opinions on shit? We send him to find out why he should give a shit about Big Ben's bongs going quiet.
Question Of The Day

What The Fuck is Love Island?

VICE host Alhan Gençay has never seen Love Island, so he asked the punters at Wireless Festival to explain what he's been missing.
Question Of The Day

Could Supreme Hype Beasts win the election for the Tories?

Every Thursday Skate Brand Supreme drops a new batch of exclusive garms. We caught up with the kids outside to see if they give a shit about the election.
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Kebab Awards

VICE host Alhan Gençay hearts kebabs so much that he’s managed to blag an invite to The British Kebab Awards, so he can grill some of the legends from the industry.