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‘If One More Troll Tries to Test Me’: Oliver Tree Responds to His YouTube Comments

Singer-songwriter, producer, rapper, comedian and filmmaker from Santa Cruz, California – Oliver Tree – responds to YouTube trolls on his new video ‘Bury Me Alive’.
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The Robin Hood of Weed: Handing Out Free Marijuana During Lockdown

Lockdown Tapes explores the most bizarre and fascinating stories from the pandemic away from the bleak news cycle.

Trapped on a Boat between a Pandemic and Hurricane Season

Colin finds himself marooned off the coast of Panama unable to go onto land because of Covid 19 and unable to cross the Pacific because of hurricane season.
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I Tried Getting Swole During Quarantine

At the start of lockdown, VICE journalist Rhys Thomas set himself a goal: get swole. With the help of “Britain’s Fittest Man”, he managed to shed a third of his body fat.
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Homeless During Covid-19

David Fussell gives an insight into how the coronavirus epidemic has affected the homeless.

Ravespotting: People are planning Illegal Raves Across London During Lockdown

Believe it or not, fat raves are still happening during lockdown. Tir Dhondy investigates the parties that are taking place during a global pandemic.
Europe's Best Song

VICE’s Alternative to Eurovision: Europe’s Best Song

Twelve songs, from Romanian trap to demonic Greek folk, are competing in VICE’s alternative to Eurovision.
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Getting to the Bottom of What the 5G Fuss is All About

The claims and conspiracy theories surrounding the launch of 5G networks have been shocking, and mobile phone masts have been torched and engineers assaulted.
People Vs.

The People Vs. The Last Festival On Earth

We asked people from The Last Festival on Earth, our documentary about the quarantined Tribal Gathering to respond to YouTube comments about cannibalism and “4AM drunken orgies”.

How To Rave In Virtual Reality

In the first episode of Ravespotting, Tir Dhondy immerses herself in the online world of virtual parties and joins a 24-hour computer game rave in VR.
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Trapped in Paradise: The Festival on Lockdown

Dozens of people are trapped in a quarantined festival on a beach in Panama. This is now the last festival on earth. Will it be Lord of the Flies or The Beach?
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On the Frontline of COVID-19: Diary of a UK Doctor, Part 2

Ed Hope is a Junior Doctor working at an emergency ward at a UK hospital. This is his second video diary from the frontline of the Coronavirus pandemic.