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DRC: Rape as a Weapon of War

As rival militias and armies battle for control of mineral-rich territories in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the rape of women has become a routine military tactic.
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Raised Without Gender

We go to Sweden, home to gender neutral kindergartens and gender non-conforming families, to find out what it’s like to grow up beyond the binary.

Meet the Trans Chinese Community Fighting for Gender Equality

VICE China met up with trans men and woman across the country to hear about the discrimination they face at work, in social circles, and among family—and what they're doing to transform their place in Chinese society.
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Gender Inequality in the FARC Camps

We hear from a woman who ran away from the FARC camps into a government safe house who talks about the gender inequality which doesn’t exist in society.
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FARC Commander Antonia Simon Narino on Finding Peace in Colombia

Antonia Simon Narino describes her experience as a rebel commander in the FARC guerilla movement and her hopes for peace within Colombia.
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WOMAN: Series Trailer

At the intersection of violence and stability, of oppression and progress, are women. Gloria Steinem and her team travel the world meeting those are in the crosshairs.
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Sara Saeed

Dr. Sara Saeed on Pakistan's gender gap in medicine.
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Ex-Scientology Leader and Trans Icon Kate Bornstein on What It Takes to Survive

After being exiled from the Scientology Church she became an underground queer artist, a transsexual icon, and one of the most important gender theorists in the world.
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Could London Become the World's First Gender Equal City?

VICE News went door knocking with the party fighting for gender equality in London's mayoral election.