VWN Informers

I Was Sold at a Slave Market

A victim of the Libyan migrant slave trade describes the horrors of being trapped in a horrific cycle of imprisonment, forced labor and torture.

I Was Kidnapped Photographing Libyan War Zones

Conflict photographer legend Lynsey Addario talks to VICE about how she was kidnapped in Libya by Gaddafi loyalist forces and held hostage for a week in 2011.
VICE Lab UK / S1 EP13

VICELAND at the Anti-Slavery March

Voices from the protest against black enslavement outside the Libyan Embassy in London, December 9th 2017.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

ISIS fighters leave behind children no one wants

VICE News reports on “ISIS brides” held captive by the terror group during its last desperate days in Sirte, Libya.
VICE News Tonight on HBO

Chaos in Libya is setting the stage for an ISIS comeback

Fighting between rival governments and militias has plunged the country into anarchy, creating a vacuum for groups like ISIS to move into.
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Ships Rescue 560 Migrants in One Day in the Mediterranean

Rescue ships picked up 560 migrants off Libya’s coast Thursday and are headed to Italy.
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We Met Migrants Risking Their Lives to Cross the Mediterranean

VICE News' Seb Walker reports from the Libyan coast, where hundreds of migrants have died trying to reach Italy.
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Libya's Quiet War: The Tuareg of South Libya

VICE News travels to south Libya’s remote Sahara desert, where the Tuareg are fighting for their land and rights.
Europe or Die

Libya's Migrant Jails

VICE News gains access to chilling footage from Libya and travels to detention centres, where migrants speak of torture and serious human rights violations.
Europe or Die

Italy's Mediterranean Mass Grave

VICE News arrives in Italy as the only extensive rescue mission in the Mediterranean ends, leaving thousand adrift in the deadly sea.