Back In My Day

Two Generations of Models on the Evolution of Fashion

"I had to sit in a trash can...and have water poured on my head for 5 hours. But the pictures were amazing." A young, plus size model and an iconic fashion veteran discuss how the modelling industry has changed over the years.

what it’s like to be a 16-year-old in london today

We spoke to sixteen 16-year-olds about the issues affecting their generation.
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how to plan a music festival with 88rising

i-D hangs out with 88rising, while the musical collective work on their first-ever music festival.

a guide to creating change in 2018

Britain’s young activists tell us how we too can become involved in our communities.

what do you really hear when asked ‘where are you really from?’

i-D contributors sound off on the loaded question and answer it on their own terms.
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rose mcgowan discusses dismantling hollywood while visiting a london farm

Rose McGowan was known as an actor who starred in the most hyped cult films, a glamorous star. Then she became known as one of the first to speak out against producer Harvey Weinstein. What’s more, she’s only just getting started.
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is fashion becoming gender non-binary?

The gender binary is being shaken up! i-D teams up with model and activist Munroe Bergdorf to unravel why the future of fashion is non-binary, as she gears up for a runway debut at London brand Art School's spring/summer 19 show.
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women test the internet’s scariest beauty products

Double chin remover, anti-wrinkle face mask, nose lifter, lip plumper... How far would you go for the perfect features?
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meet the lgbt football team celebrating their identity within the beautiful game

There are no openly gay footballers at the World Cup so we caught up with Stonewall FC to find out if the beautiful game can ever change.
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bella hadid, A$AP rocky, and lily allen turn up for kim jones’ first dior homme show

i-D had access all areas backstage to get the lowdown on all the elements that made up Dior Homme’s spring/summer 19 show. Join us on the front row for a re-see on our first Fashion Feature.
VICE Life Hacks with Oobah Butler

The Time I Faked My Way to the Top of Paris Fashion Week

Georgio Peviani was getting loads of attention at Paris Fashion week. But the man doesn't actually exist...does he? This is the time Oobah Butler faked his way into Paris Fashion Week.
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Novelist talks grime, faith and politics on debut album

We join Nov in his hometown of Lewisham to chat through album themes, the role of faith in his work, and his unique political voice. The sun's out in full and Novelist is still the brightest star in the sky.
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i-D meets flohio: the lagos-born rapper making waves in south london's streets

WATCH OUT! 25 year old Lagos-born and Bermondsey-raised Flohio is at the forefront of an underground UK rap scene. Quietly confident in person, and an uncaged animal onstage, just don't bother calling her a female MC...
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young, femme and hitched: meet the couple showing us what modern marriage can be

We meet madly in love, married femmes Rene and Maggie. Queer, interracial, young but wise beyond their years: these two are a beautiful example of the a generation set to redefine what love looks like.
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a guide to young love and muslim faith in 2018

It's Love Week on i-D, so we're talking all things ❤️, celebrating its incredible highs and consoling ourselves over its bittersweet lows. Here, London-based writer Ruqaiya talks about navigating young love and Muslim faith in 2018.
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i-D meets: higher brothers

Making it in a country that has banned your genre isn't easy, but Higher Brothers have proven they're the ones to take Chinese hiphop global. Gaining mass internet adoration, we meet with the guys in Shanghai during their first ever Asian tour.
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i-D meets: little simz

Fresh out of Wonderland, Little Simz took us down the rabbit hole to share 10 things we should know.
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i-D voices: ireland

We meet the young Irish creatives and activists using their voices to raise awareness and repeal the 8th Amendment. On May 25th, Ireland will decide whether they want to bring Irish women the bodily autonomy they deserve.
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i-D meets: jazzelle

Jazzelle is more than a model. She's a movement. She's a rule-breaker. She's a fashion game-changer. Join us as i-D meets the break-every-rule alternative beauty icon for her 22nd birthday in NYC.
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issa rae on challenging tropes in black comedy

Embracing her inner weirdness, i-D meets Issa Rae, the utterly brilliant writer, producer and director who has challenged tropes in black comedy through her Golden Globe nominated mini-series Insecure.
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i-D meets dave: the south london teen breathing new life into british rap

Dave is the Streatham teen breathing new life into the British rap scene, taking cues from classical film scores and the streets of South London. i-D visits his studio and witness him break down a beat.
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from christy to adwoa, 10 models share their passions on international women's day

What does it mean to be a model in 2018? i-D has always believed in the power of speaking out and today, on International Women's Day, 10 models discuss what it means to be a woman in the fashion industry.
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tommy genesis: a free freestyle for anyone to perform

Play sing-a-long with Canadian-born Tommy Genesis, who explores the complexities of being female, being young and above all, being human in ‘A Free Freestyle for Anyone to Perform’.
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new skater girls

We step inside the world of Brighton skater Rianne as she recounts her journey from watching her brother to hitting the streets herself in search of adventure, hanging with her skater friends, to falling in love with the subculture.