Street Food Icons

Wild Fair Food From a Portland Street Food Icon

Isaiah Bostic is the mastermind behind Batter on Deck, a food cart he started in Portland, OR devoted to his favorite food: corn dogs.
Street Food Icons

The Japanese Sando King of Portland

Taiki Nakajima brought Japan to the Pacific Northwest with his Japanese sandos – composed sandwiches made with fluffy milk bread with fillings like egg salad and katsu chicken.
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Farideh’s in Oregon Searching for Dungeness Crab

Farideh is hitting the road and taking The Cooking Show with her, to coastal Oregon in search of Dungeness crab.
The War On Drugs

The Right Way to Legalize Weed

With cannabis legalisation sweeping across North America, we look at the issues of social justice and equality needed to get the process right and fair.
Resistance Road Show 2020

Oregon on Fire

The 2020 Presidential election is coinciding with one of the most polarizing times in modern American history - VICE travels across the country to learn about the extraordinary actions of ordinary people that could shape our collective future.
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This Struggling County in Oregon Just Closed its Last Library

Douglas County residents voted against the tax that would have kept the library open.
Weediquette / S1 EP1

Stoned Kids

The next big thing in medical marijuana might be cancer therapy. But with little hard evidence, families whose kids have cancer are taking matters into their own hands.
VICE News Specials

The Oregon Standoff: A Community Divided

We travel to Harney County, Oregon to meet with militia leaders, attend town hall meetings, and speak with local ranchers whom the protesters claim to be representing.
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Oregon: Do It Yourself (Part 5)

Gabi seeks out people who are embodying Oregon’s pioneering spirit in pursuit of filling their bellies.
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Oregon: Water's Bounty (Part 4)

Gabi travels from the rocky coast to the Deschutes River in eastern Oregon to sample everything the state's waters have to offer.
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Oregon: Pinot Pioneers (Part 3)

From the glass to the can, meeting Oregon’s leading winemakers.
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Oregon: Portland Victory (Part 1)

Gabi Chai kicks off her exploration of Oregon with the classics that have put Portland on the culinary map: coffee, food trucks, and a meal with Gabriel Rucker.