Gangster Rap International

The Masked Drillers of Denmark's Ghettos: Shooter Gang

In this episode of Noisey’s global rap series, ‘Gangsta Rap International’, host Chuckie meets the masked men bringing the drill scene to the streets of Denmark.
Street Food Icons

Queen of Pad Thai in Berlin's Hidden Gem

Hidden in one of the less trendy areas of downtown Berlin, this Thai street food market attracts Berliners and tourists from all over the world.
Gangster Rap International

The Unlikely Rise of Ghanaian Drill

In this episode of Noisey’s global rap series, ‘Gangsta Rap International’, host Chuckie finds himself in Ghana exploring the unlikely rise of Ghanaian Drill.
VWN Investigators

Who is the Secret Owner of Pornhub?

Journalists Alexi Mostrous and Xavier Greenwood from Tortoise Media hunt down the secretive majority owner of one of the biggest porn sites in the world, Pornhub.

My Wife Hired a Hitman So I Faked My Death | Fakes, Frauds & Scammers

Ramon Sosa's wife wanted him dead, but the police needed proof. With their help, Ramon faked his death through a series of gruesome photos to catch her in the act.
Empire of Dirt

The Dark Relationship Between Slavery and Tobacco

Zing Tsjeng heads to Scotland to find out who the Tobacco Lords of Glasgow were and learn about their role at the centre of America's slave labour tobacco industry.
The War On Drugs

The Racist Legacy of The War on Drugs

Racism is not a bug of the War on Drugs – it’s a feature. Since their earliest beginnings, drug laws have been explicitly built around targeting ethnic minorities.
Empire of Dirt / web

Why Some Countries Still Punish Gay People

Zing Tsjeng reveals how a set of laws known as the penal code was exported from Britain to its colonies and is still affecting LGBTQ politics across the commonwealth

The Pregnant Doc Telling the Truth About COVID-19

The lack of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic meant that NHS staff risked their lives to save others. A pregnant doctor explains the chaos.
Why Should I Give A Shit About...

I Tried to Make It as an Actor in 24 Hours

Our resident wannabe influencer, Alhan Gençay, knows there’s some serious cheques cashed in the world of acting. So he decides to get some lessons.
Why Should I Give A Shit About...

Why Should I Give A Shit About...The Beatles

Alhan loves music, but strictly grime. He keeps hearing boomers going on about some group called The Beatles, so before the pandemic he went on a mission to find out why.
Europe's Best Song

The 5 Best Songs in Europe, Decided by You

Coronavirus robbed the world of the Eurovision Song Contest, so we stepped in to give the people what they want and, indeed, what they need with our alternative competition.